Welcome to the "Magnetic Design Tool"

The Magnetic Design Tool provides access to the digitized material data for all current TDK Electronics ferrite materials and allows application-related parameters to be calculated and represented on graphs, hysteresis loop, power loss, initial permeability, amplitude permeability and complex permeability.

Material properties

Depending on the selected material, the software can display the following graphs:
• hysteresis loop
• power loss vs. frequency, flux density, temperature and the performance factor
• initial permeability vs. temperature
• amplitude permeability vs. flux density or field strength
• complex permeability vs. frequency in serial and parallel representation

Core calculations

Depending on the selected material and core form, the software offers the following functions:
• overview of data,
• calculation of AL-value in dependence of the air gap (or vice versa)
• representation of effective permeability over temperature,
• determination of transferable power Ptrans
• calculation of third harmonic distortion under circuit conditions
• calculation of appropriate air gap, Al value and the number of turns for a given permeability drop p [%] , representing the curve of inductance or permeability vs. DCbias
• display of ratio of the AC to DC-resistance vs. frequency.


You can also download desktop version of Magnetic Design Tool for Windows.

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